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Questions with Ford Taurus Recommendations

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  5 responses   I'm an outside sales rep. I have a VW Passat TDI, my company wants me to rent cars instead of paying mileage

I'm driving a VW Passat tdi. I love the diesel, but my situation has changed a bit. The company I work for wants me to rent instead of paying .56 per mile, so the mileage of a diesel isn't as important. I herniated a disc and the Passat doesn't have...
  5 responses   Safe, reliable, inexpensive, first car

I've been looking at the standards: accord, camry, jetta, s80. My yearly expenses for transit with bus and uber is about $6,000. I want to find something that will pay for itself in under 3 years. My wife will be learning to drive in this car so safety is number...
  4 responses   fuel efficient and comfy

I need something reliable, affordable, and comfortable. Prefer a mid-sized vehicle with good gas mileage.
  3 responses   Safety.

I've obsessivelty been comparing the IIHS death rate list, reliability indexes and other safety features/ratings of all cars. All I want is a remarkably safe car. Some cars have incredible safety ratings but do not predform well in real life scenarios.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet I've made...
  3 responses   BEST BET
A member in Washington, United States

Given the bias twoards Japanese, Korean, German cars for their workmanship, reliability, MPG, should I even consider an American made car?
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