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Questions with GMC Yukon Recommendations

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  6 responses   Road Trip and Weekend SUV

Replacing 2007 Honda Fit- terrific reliablity but no power or size- with an SUV. Want to be able to tow a 3500 pound boat, have all wheel or 4 wheel drive for Montreal winters and light off roading (cottage roads and poorly mantained roads), full luxury features (premium stereo, leather...
  4 responses   Mid-size SUV for towing light loads, going on road trips, growing family. Expecting to put ~5,000mi/year on it.

Looking for a vehicle for my husband. We want a mid-size SUV with towing capability (light loads) and 4WD. It needs to have enough room to fit his 6'3'' self. He will be towing his canoe and utility trailer often during hunting season-short distances. We want room in the back...

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