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Questions with Honda Crosstour Recommendations

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  9 responses   SUV with safety forefront to protect my baby

Has to be safe! Pregnant wife, this will be our family hauler.

Looking for good snow handling.

Style and features are important, I want a nice ride to replace the dinky Hoondai I've had for ten years. I want an SUV that will be my ride for 15...
  4 responses   Any HAPPY Cadillac CTS Wagon owners out there? 2010 and 2011 model years look a bit iffy....

Want to move to a domestic, or very reliable import, to reduce maintenance/repair costs. Coming from BMW with sport package - level, stable handling at speed is important - Caddi CTS comes close. Any others? Wagon or hatch would be fun and more convenient than our sedan for bringing along...
  2 responses   Mum's New Car

Need a AWD car that drives well (handling), ideally non-turbo engine and good reliability. Considering Volvo V50, Subaru Outback, VW Jetta Wagon and Mini Countryman

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