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Questions with Hyundai Azera Recommendations

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  8 responses   replacement for Acura TSX

I've had 7 Acuras, most recently TSX. I want a sporty/elegant car, but I don't love the ILX and am shopping.

I've eliminated the Hyandai Sonata because too much play insteering wheel and ride
felt mushy.I'm looking at Buick Verano, Ford Fusion and Nissan Altima.

Desired features: responsive...
  5 responses   tall and getting older, need comfortable ride

I would like mid size vehicle that is easyto get into, quiet comfortable ride for minimum 4-5 adults. Also with reasonable gas mileaage.
  5 responses   Total replacement

Just totaled a 2000 Lexus ES300 that I liked very much. Other cars I have also enjoyed were a 1991 Accord, 1986 Acura Legend, 2000 Toyota Avalon.

I am looking for a quality vehicle with good reliability. Comfort and handling are important, brand less so. The ES300 fit the...
  2 responses   Premium Sedan for Office Commute

I am currently looking at a 2010 Audi A8-L to be used as a daily commuter to my office (round trip about 40 miles from home) and to take clients from my office to other functions. This vehicle, however, has high mileage (over 150,000), but looks to be a one-owner...

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