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Questions with Hyundai Elantra Recommendations

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  9 responses   To VW or not?

Let the debate begin. I am extremely pulled between purchasing a VW Jetta GLI or Honda Civic SI.

My big 2 needs for my car are (1) 4 door (2) 6 Speed

I would also like to keep it under 28K which leads me to the above 2...
  5 responses   My 2016 search

I am 81 years old, wanting a VERY reliable car, as good as my 1997 Camry which has had scheduled services, needing no other services. I want that kind of car again, but mine has 135,000 miles and it looks and feels kind of old. I want something newer, and...
  4 responses   Kia Soul ! vs. Hyundai Elantra GT?

Given these two, albeit quite different looking, choices, which would someone who's looking for a very reliable, not gas guzzling, fun to drive, sporty-feeling, quality interior car pick?

I've test driven both, and am drawn to the Soul for the fun factor and the fact that it's different from...

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