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Questions with Infiniti EX Recommendations

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  20 responses   Sporty Coupe that will not break the bank

I'm attracted to the 2010-2011 Nissan ALTIMA COUPE, 2.5 litre, I would also consider the 3.5 litre, more fun but I hear its a bit thirsty. I really like the styling of the Altima Coupe and it seems to get a very good reliability report from car mags and websites....
  6 responses   something fun, special, reliable, quality

Been looking at the EX35 infinity, mazda6, and others. Allready own a 2002 Lexus IS300 and a 1993 Nissan 240SX and I love them both but the steiring on the 240 is exceptional (better than the Lexus). I would like to find a replacment fo the 240 Nissan with steiring...
  5 responses   Used Luxury Car/SUV

> Looking to get into used Luxury car/SUV, like a higher end German or Japanese with <75000 Mi.
> Has to be priced competetively
> Not have excessive repair costs in the future
> Not be too expensive for a normal tuneup

  4 responses   Replacing a 15 year old 4Runner

Have looked at BMW X1 and X3 and MINI Cooper Countryman.
Prefer certified preowned with extended warranty if used car.
  4 responses   Carolina's Car

Acura RDX - Bad, UNreliable turbo engines
Lexus RX 350 - Love everything except for the wood grain stuff
BMW X3 - Love except for Price
Honda CR-V, EX-L - Not sporty enough

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  3 responses   I would love a nice luxury SUV. Like a volvo xc90 or somthing similiar
Six-Year Veteran

I currently drive a 2009 honda accord lx and it is not cutting for me anymore. I would love to go back to a luxury SUV. Ive owned a Range Rover before but unfortunately the problems were enough to drown in, and it ended up catching on fire due to...
  2 responses   Comfortable, mid-sive SUV,

I really like the BMW X5 4.8i but it seems that it is a bit expensive to maintain. I would like an suv that handels like a BMW and is comfortable for long trips. Thanks
  2 responses   Luxury suv for my senior years.

Looking at Cadillac SRX but owners reports are not favourable.
  2 responses   0-60 times under 6.6 seconds, awd/4wd, back seats folds down for additional compartment, reliability is also a must

Looking for a SUV/crossover that's fast, fun to drive and reliable. Speed 0-60 seconds should be under 6.7. Can someone recommend something under 35K?
  1 response   dream car

z4 bmw x1 bmw x5 bmw

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