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Questions with Jeep Cherokee Recommendations

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  20 responses   Sporty Coupe that will not break the bank

I'm attracted to the 2010-2011 Nissan ALTIMA COUPE, 2.5 litre, I would also consider the 3.5 litre, more fun but I hear its a bit thirsty. I really like the styling of the Altima Coupe and it seems to get a very good reliability report from car mags and websites....
  6 responses   Reliable cheap commuter car

Looking for a cheap car that will be reliable and easy to maintain. Don't need anything special, just something that can get me from point A to point B without many problems. Thanks
  5 responses   I'm an outside sales rep. I have a VW Passat TDI, my company wants me to rent cars instead of paying mileage

I'm driving a VW Passat tdi. I love the diesel, but my situation has changed a bit. The company I work for wants me to rent instead of paying .56 per mile, so the mileage of a diesel isn't as important. I herniated a disc and the Passat doesn't have...
  4 responses   Fuel efficient family vehicle with some testosterone

I currently have two vehicles; a 2003 Saturn Vue and and 2007 Ion. I love the versatility of the Vue, so I want to stay in that segment. The vehicle will be used as my daily driver, but also to take road trips for work and play. I'd like something...
  3 responses   City-friendly AWD snow monster

Hello Folks,

Looking for a cheaper, shorter-length car for winter errands when it's too crappy out to bike.

Use case is a bit interesting:
I drive <3000mi/yr, so fuel economy is not a big concern.
Vehicle only needs to last a few years, but be reliable in that...
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  3 responses   fuel-efficient camp car and/or camptrailer hauler

Ok this is a lot of variables. I have a prius now which I have camped in, and it was quite doable. I love the good gas mileage and the fact with it being a hybrid that I could, if need be, leave it running for a while if the...
  2 responses   Fun & towing

I'm looking for something to replace my Hummer H1. It needs to be able to tow at least 3500 lbs and have room for the occasional long trip. These long trips will usually be just me and some hunting / fishing / camping equipment.

It will also be used...
  1 response   Reliable Small SUV

I'm looking for a reliable ride for mostly short commutes and occassional long highway trips. Off road capability would be a big plus, but must have some capability for bad weather - AWD or 4WD. Would like a safe, reliable ride with a high seat and good visibility, minimal blind...
  1 response   The Never-ending Quest for Balance: Rugged 4WD and Efficient

Hello TrueDelta Members!

I have been researching vehicles for years - for fun (as a car/truck geek) and in anticipation of the day I sell away my trusty '98 Toyota Tacoma TRD that I have owned for 15 years. These days the Tacoma mostly sitsidle beside the...

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