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Questions with Kia Cadenza Recommendations

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  14 responses   Comfortable, reliable car with some creature comforts

I'm looking for a reliable, comfortable to drive car that will last me 5-7 years. I currently drive a 2004 Mercedes-Benz C Class, which has been and still is a great car. However, the older I get, the more I want something with a smoother ride, especially going over bumps...
  5 responses   tall and getting older, need comfortable ride

I would like mid size vehicle that is easyto get into, quiet comfortable ride for minimum 4-5 adults. Also with reasonable gas mileaage.
  5 responses   Performance and looks. Good with mileage that still has some guts.

Pros- automatic transmission and low overall maintenance costs. Price and features that openly compete head-to-head with luxury cars at the low end.

Wanted Reliable. Pluses are an audiophile-quality audio system, moon roof, seat adjustability for the driver, navigation with a touch-screen or similar, sporty looks and smooth supension.
  3 responses   Looking at a used Hyundai Genesis 2012 model and up

I've always driven Nissan cars and had the Atima V6 until I tried a smaller Hyundai Veloster which is a great small car.
i have been looking online and a used 2012 Genesis looks great and has more features and quieter than a Veloster.
Hyundai's reliability has also reached a...

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