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Questions with Kia Forte Recommendations

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  20 responses   Sporty Coupe that will not break the bank

I'm attracted to the 2010-2011 Nissan ALTIMA COUPE, 2.5 litre, I would also consider the 3.5 litre, more fun but I hear its a bit thirsty. I really like the styling of the Altima Coupe and it seems to get a very good reliability report from car mags and websites....
  12 responses   Small/medium size family hauler - fun, inexpensive, good to look at it

Our requirements are:
- good space for a small family with at least 5 seats
- 1/2 child seat capacity
- rearview camera is a must, love to have all around view
- like sporty looking cars specially in red color :)
- climate control
- love to have moon/sun...
  7 responses   Looking for a stylish, fun to drive, fuel efficient and pratical/room to grow car to buy after finishing grad school

Top Priorities/Features Required:
Stylish Exterior/Interior
Bluetooth Streaming Audio
Fog Lights
Cruise Control
4 wheel disc brakes
folding 60/40 rear seats
Cheap to maintain/easy to find parts
power driver seat

Would like to have, but not deal breakers:
Smart key access/push button start
cooled seats
rear air vents
  6 responses   Weekend city car, practical needs, but want something I can track occaisionally

I street park in a city, so smaller is better all else equal, and I'll live with dings
Not commuting, and I can fix stuff, so reliability isn't the top concern to me (but replacing a driveline while parallel parked is probably not happening, so some reliability matters)

  6 responses   Fuel-efficient, reliable hatchback for lengthy commutes

I've had three Volkswagens (gasoline) over the course of 30 years and am unsure what to get next. I keep my cars for a long time and drive approx. 30,000 km/year - mostly highway & city commuting. Fuel efficiency and reliability are my two main concerns and I've always preferred...
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  6 responses   Longhaul commuter for a big guy

Thought I wanted an SUV or crossover, mostly because I've had a wagon/hatchback/SUV in the house for 30 years. I've used them for family camping and home repair stuff as well as commuing. Replacing a 2006 Ford Freestyle, 180,000 miles, that is much bigger than I need now that our...
  5 responses   Fun, fast but fuel efficient

Looking for a car (open for new and used) that will last a while.

I commute 60 miles daily and a fun drive without guzzling gas are very important.
It would be nice to own a car that not everyone and their mamas drive... =)

  5 responses   Commuter with good handling and decent rear seats for adults

I'm looking for a car for my daily commute (30 minutes of back roads), but which can handle vacations too: highway travel with 3-4 adults and their gear. My current Fiat 500 doesn''t cut it for the latter use and is a bit too rough over nasty pavement.

  3 responses   Fun to drive + Fuel Efficient + Decent noise isolation Car for 20K-30K

Actively considering Mazda3 iGrand Touring 2.0L - Like its minimalist interiors, drivability. Worried about ride smoothness, road noise and reliability.

Other cars I intend test driving include 2015 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T/2.0L SEL Automatic, 2015 Nissan Altima SL and Toyota Corolla LE Eco Premium to be sure where Mazda falls.
  3 responses   Keep the 2004 Jetta TDI or Buy a Used 2014 Honda Fit

I am starting a new job tomorrow that will involve driving 50+ miles a day. I have a Lexus SUV that gets 18-20mpg. My husband has a Jetta TDI that is manual and he does not commute as much as I will be.

I would rather not drive...
  3 responses   Short Haul

I've looked at the reliability of the Ford Focus and the Chevrolet Cruse, so it's NO to the domestics...I like the Honda Civic but not my local dealer and I want to buy local. I'm averaging 5000k yearly so durability is a necessity. The Elantra sounds interesting, but I have...
  2 responses   Fun commuter car

My commute will be about 20 miles about 80% highway and 20% city with some poor roads so decent NVH and comfy seats are important. Space isn't a major concern but sometimes I will be seating five people and putting things in my trunk for trips but I don't need...
  2 responses   Fuel-efficient with some size, potential Uber driver.

-Fuel Efficient
-Small but spacious

An idea of what I've been looking at are the Mazda3 Hatchback, Honda Fit, Ford Fusion Hybrid (not a hatchback), Prius. Somewhat sporty, but power is a low priority. I love the Subaru Impreza Hatchback, but I think it's just a little...

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