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Questions with Kia Optima Recommendations

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  31 responses   Want another hybrid, but they seem to be either disappearing or not offering really great mileage

I lease a 2013 Honda Civic hybrid. I'd get another, but Honda has discontinued it for 2016. I get about 35 MPG driving in D.C. traffic. I'll need to get a new lease this year.
  • The only other Honda hybrids are the Accord (which is probably outside my price range)...
  8 responses   replacement for Acura TSX

I've had 7 Acuras, most recently TSX. I want a sporty/elegant car, but I don't love the ILX and am shopping.

I've eliminated the Hyandai Sonata because too much play insteering wheel and ride
felt mushy.I'm looking at Buick Verano, Ford Fusion and Nissan Altima.

Desired features: responsive...
  8 responses   Fuel-efficient car/small suv with seating for five plus a golf bag. I drive 31,000 miles average per year. Hybrid?

I have a 2010 GMC Terrain 4cyl that has the room I need and I get 27mpg in mixed driving (60% highway, 40% city/rural). I have put 127,000 miles on it in just over 4 years so reliability is important. It is OK on long trips, however, my wife does...

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