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Questions with Lexus GX Recommendations

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  9 responses   Active lifestyle vehicle that will play nicely on road trips

I currently drive a 94 BMW 525, which I've owned since 2002. 265k on the odo, maintenance hasn't been too bad, but it is time to replace it.

I had been looking at another BMW but my mechanic - who works solely on BMW - has suggested that...
  8 responses   Premium family SUV

We're trying to decide on a premium family SUV with a few must-have options: comfortable second row that accomodates two child seats and one adult; usable third row for the occasional bigger crowd; AWD/4WD; no diesel.

Ideally, we'd prefer a hybrid or electric car, and would like to stay...
  4 responses   SUV for long highway drives, super quiet on coarse concrete interstate surface.

Has to be very quiet at interstate speeds on coarse surface concrete. Comfortable seats for long drives. Room for 4 adults.
Reliabilty is secondary to these two items, I have other transportation.

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