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Questions with Lexus RX Recommendations

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  9 responses   Active lifestyle vehicle that will play nicely on road trips

I currently drive a 94 BMW 525, which I've owned since 2002. 265k on the odo, maintenance hasn't been too bad, but it is time to replace it.

I had been looking at another BMW but my mechanic - who works solely on BMW - has suggested that...
  6 responses   Reliable attractive car for single mom

I'm looking for a reliable, durable used SUV, that looks attractive inside and out, has a smooth ride and is cheap on gas and insurance. What are my best options
  4 responses   Replacing a 15 year old 4Runner

Have looked at BMW X1 and X3 and MINI Cooper Countryman.
Prefer certified preowned with extended warranty if used car.
  4 responses   Fuel efficient family hauler with 4 people & 2 dogs.

Make or Break a car for me: poor reliability,poor durability,poor safety, poor braking, poor front seats, poor slow powertraine performance, poor mileage and poor cargo space for family and dogs.

I LIKE A VERY QUIET CAR INSIDE TO DRIVE.Can have a good conversation and listen to good music.A Car...
  4 responses   Gymnastics Coach's dream car!

Hello, hopefully I use the right format here, first attempt at this.

I've been researching a car for my girlfriend to buy as she doesn't know much about cars other than how they look.

She has a very short commute on average, <5 miles="" br="">She has a long...
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  2 responses   wifes car

what luxury suv would you recommend? probably trading in bmw x5
  1 response   Murano replacement

My husband is 6'2", and I'm 5'4". We have only one car, so finding one we can both be comfortable driving can be a challenge. Our Nissan has some "features" we're not that happy with. The panic button on the remote is very easy to mistakenly set off, just by...

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