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Questions with Lincoln MKX Recommendations

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  4 responses   Carolina's Car

Acura RDX - Bad, UNreliable turbo engines
Lexus RX 350 - Love everything except for the wood grain stuff
BMW X3 - Love except for Price
Honda CR-V, EX-L - Not sporty enough

  3 responses   I would love a nice luxury SUV. Like a volvo xc90 or somthing similiar
Six-Year Veteran

I currently drive a 2009 honda accord lx and it is not cutting for me anymore. I would love to go back to a luxury SUV. Ive owned a Range Rover before but unfortunately the problems were enough to drown in, and it ended up catching on fire due to...
  2 responses   Luxury suv for my senior years.

Looking at Cadillac SRX but owners reports are not favourable.

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