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Questions with Mazda RX-8 Recommendations

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  6 responses   Weekend city car, practical needs, but want something I can track occaisionally

I street park in a city, so smaller is better all else equal, and I'll live with dings
Not commuting, and I can fix stuff, so reliability isn't the top concern to me (but replacing a driveline while parallel parked is probably not happening, so some reliability matters)

  3 responses   Fun and Sporty (hopefully convertible)

Something fun that can zip around town but seats four (two full sized adults in the front and two smaller people in the back). Needs to have good reliability and if outside of warrenty can either be worked on by myself, or by third party mechanics.

I've owned a...
  1 response   Fun economic driver's car for daily drives to clients houses

I'm in the market for a car for work. Current favorite is the Ford Focus SVT, ideally with EAP package. I have found clean examples with low miles (under 80k) for $6500. However they are rare. I can't think of anything with a comparable value in this price range. Any...

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