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Questions with Mitsubishi Outlander Recommendations

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  6 responses   Reliable Diesel SUV with good road manners

I'd like to purchase a vehicle that has good road handling capabilities, AWD and in a pinch offroad. It should be able to go through 6-8 inches of snow in AWD. I'd like to get at a minimum of 22mpg combined wiht the vehicle. I have a 2013 JGC, (Gasser),...
  5 responses   Crossover SUV. Safe but fun to drive. Fuel economy a must.

1. I've test driven the Mitsubishi Outlander and didn't like it. Too slow and very uncomfortable driving position. Not on my list anymore.

2. I've test driven the Nissan Rogue. I like the look inside and out but am not sold on the CVT. For what I've seen around...
  5 responses   best 4x4 or awd suv for senior (ish) couple--must get awesome fuel mileage-dependable

I am looking for an all purpose vehicle. This will be our retirement vehicle. It has be have a low cost of operation so it must be extremely reliable and durable, has to get very good fuel mileage and be able to tow probably a utility trailer with an atv...
  3 responses   Does a car for my needs exist?

My Need (Most Important Stuff):
Backroad commuting through Chicago winters 100 miles per day, so something that can safely handle all weather conditions.
Longevity and reliability- Commute is almost 50 miles each way.
Fuel economy- Keeping the commute cost as low as possible.

My Wants (Not a Requirement But...

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