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Questions with Nissan Altima Recommendations

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  24 responses   Fun, good acceleration and handling, relatively quiet when cruising, reliable in compact or smaller mid size automobile

New or used is okay. New priced up to low 30s, or late model used, mid 20s. I am a single person so I do not need an extremely practical car but I do want one that is functional in rain and snow. I plan on owning one car. My...
  20 responses   Sporty Coupe that will not break the bank

I'm attracted to the 2010-2011 Nissan ALTIMA COUPE, 2.5 litre, I would also consider the 3.5 litre, more fun but I hear its a bit thirsty. I really like the styling of the Altima Coupe and it seems to get a very good reliability report from car mags and websites....
  9 responses   Winter friendly car

Subaru Impreza 2010 (used) -- front seat felt cramped, and there was no rear window wiper. Does anyone know if more recent models have the rear wiper?
  8 responses   4 Door, 4 Cylinder, year 2000 or newer

Toyota Camry, 4 cylinder , everything but gas mpg.

Car will be used for trips in and around Charlotte, as well as trips to New York, 4 times a year.
I may also use it ocassionally for a personal taxi, like Lyft or Uber
  6 responses   Family sedan with three car seats

My brother (soon to have 3 kids) needs to lease a car for my sister-in-law's commute and the occassional family hauling. Lease for around $500 a month for 3 years. He does have a Pilot for heavy duty family hauling. I do not want to recommend him a large sedan...
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  5 responses   tall and getting older, need comfortable ride

I would like mid size vehicle that is easyto get into, quiet comfortable ride for minimum 4-5 adults. Also with reasonable gas mileaage.
  3 responses   Short Haul

I've looked at the reliability of the Ford Focus and the Chevrolet Cruse, so it's NO to the domestics...I like the Honda Civic but not my local dealer and I want to buy local. I'm averaging 5000k yearly so durability is a necessity. The Elantra sounds interesting, but I have...
  3 responses   sporty, fuel effecient car under 20k for college

My 1991 Honda Accord coupe is breaking down on me and i am about to start college so I am looking into a new car. I will be driving alot so i need something that is reliable and fuel effecient; however, I am someone who has to have a car...
  2 responses   looking for a fuel efficient, comfortable car with some carrying capacity. Recent retiree who had driven and loved my '07 Camry hybrid. Just not enough room in trunk.

I've driven the Accord, Camry, and Mazda 6. I liked the accord better than the others. But it doesn't ride much better than my '07 Camry hybrid on which I have 145000 miles. I'd keep it, but it may be getting close to battery replacement.
  2 responses   Fun commuter car

My commute will be about 20 miles about 80% highway and 20% city with some poor roads so decent NVH and comfy seats are important. Space isn't a major concern but sometimes I will be seating five people and putting things in my trunk for trips but I don't need...

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