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Questions with Nissan Murano Recommendations

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  11 responses   Replacing a 2012 VW Tiguan

I currently have a 2012 VW Tiguan and am not real happy with it. "German Engineering" seems to have failed here. I leaks, squeeks, has wind noise and the ride is a bit harsh.
I have looked at a few different models including the Ford Escape, the Honda CRV, and...
  8 responses   What car should I buy?

Honda CRV- not enough luxury & was not able to test drive since all vehicles on the lot were sold. Worried not enough power. subaru outback and forester- not enough luxury, couldn't test drive, worried about not enough power. toyota RAV- too small and couldn't get light colored interior, toyota...
  4 responses   Roomy, quiet, comfortable family car

Currently drive 2006 4runner, but would like to switch to something quiet, with a comfortable ride and advanced safety features. I'm a big guy, so roomy interior and comfort are essential.Luxury brands preferred (not keeping up with the Joneses but not into kia/hundai either). I typically own my cars for...
  3 responses   Miata to next fun SENIOR car?

Need comfort, year around driveability, sporty handling, four seater, though for two most times, open air driving, reliable as the Miata had been. Need easy in and exit cabin. Loved the Miata for seven years.
  3 responses   Reliability, Like-ability, and Comfort of BMW X3

I am considering buying a BMW x3 in either 2013 or 2014 model years. My main issues with the reviews on this car are: 1.the rear seat comfort given what those rear seat cushions look like in the pictures; 2. Front seat comfort for long trips; 3. Reliability and repair...
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  2 responses   Quiet and comfortable car / CUV for my daily commute for midwest snow conditions

I currently drive 20 miles one way to my work and own a 2003 honds civic. The car is reliable but comfortable or quiet.
I am looking for something that is quiet, reliable and also can my family of 2 (2 toddlers) for short trips (200 miles).
I would...
  1 response   Fun, Useful, Comfortable

I want a stylish SUV that is fun to drive but comfortable for those long road trips. I would like decent/good gas mileage and I love a cool looking interior. I am very tech oriented. I live in an area that can have rough winters with both snow and ice....
  1 response   dream car

z4 bmw x1 bmw x5 bmw

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