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Questions with Nissan Pathfinder Recommendations

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  9 responses   Active lifestyle vehicle that will play nicely on road trips

I currently drive a 94 BMW 525, which I've owned since 2002. 265k on the odo, maintenance hasn't been too bad, but it is time to replace it.

I had been looking at another BMW but my mechanic - who works solely on BMW - has suggested that...
  5 responses   Nissan Murano - rust, CVT, and transfer case problems

Looking specifically at the Nissan Murano. CR, Edmunds, etc have nothing but good things to say about all years but when I go to the owner discussion group sites it's a different story. Rusting subframes, CVT and transfer case problems, head gasket failures, etc. Does anyone here own one...
  3 responses   Work car

I have looked at Infinity, Volvo and Lincoln SUVs, not sure which one meets my priorities best

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