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Questions with Scion FR-S Recommendations

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  24 responses   Fun, good acceleration and handling, relatively quiet when cruising, reliable in compact or smaller mid size automobile

New or used is okay. New priced up to low 30s, or late model used, mid 20s. I am a single person so I do not need an extremely practical car but I do want one that is functional in rain and snow. I plan on owning one car. My...
  6 responses   something fun, special, reliable, quality

Been looking at the EX35 infinity, mazda6, and others. Allready own a 2002 Lexus IS300 and a 1993 Nissan 240SX and I love them both but the steiring on the 240 is exceptional (better than the Lexus). I would like to find a replacment fo the 240 Nissan with steiring...
  4 responses   Sports car

Thinking a Cayman might do the trick.
  3 responses   Fun and Sporty (hopefully convertible)

Something fun that can zip around town but seats four (two full sized adults in the front and two smaller people in the back). Needs to have good reliability and if outside of warrenty can either be worked on by myself, or by third party mechanics.

I've owned a...

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