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Questions with Subaru Crosstrek Recommendations

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  7 responses   AWD, Towing, RELIABLE!!!


I am getting ready to replace my current (but horrible) vehicle. A 2008 Jeep Patriot. I won't get into the reasons I am getting rid of it...

Ok, $25000 give or take a grand or two, 5 seats (wife and two kids), needs to fit a hockey...
  6 responses   Fuel-efficient, reliable, fun to drive, Colorado

I'm looking for a reliable car that doesn't guzzle gas, that can handle mountain roads (i.e., has a little pep) and that is fun to drive. So far I have driven (and eliminated) a 2014 Kia Soul, a 2012 Honda Civic and a 2015 Honda Fit. I also drove a...
  6 responses   Weekend city car, practical needs, but want something I can track occaisionally

I street park in a city, so smaller is better all else equal, and I'll live with dings
Not commuting, and I can fix stuff, so reliability isn't the top concern to me (but replacing a driveline while parallel parked is probably not happening, so some reliability matters)

  5 responses   affordable, efficient, good clearance/AWD

I want a car to get me to and from work safely and efficiently (twisty mountainous highway, sometimes snowy highway driving (sea-to-sky, BC)), a car to get me on logging roads (i.e. good clearance)
  5 responses   All in one needed

Looking for fuel efficient commuter. Drive 70-80 miles round trip mix of back roads and highway.
Live in northeast pa commute into NJ feel awd is a must. Time in car can be 1.5 plus depending on traffic so comfort (leather and heated seats) and good infotainment necessary. Would like...
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  5 responses   best 4x4 or awd suv for senior (ish) couple--must get awesome fuel mileage-dependable

I am looking for an all purpose vehicle. This will be our retirement vehicle. It has be have a low cost of operation so it must be extremely reliable and durable, has to get very good fuel mileage and be able to tow probably a utility trailer with an atv...
  4 responses   High MPG SUV

My current car is an AWD 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid. Ideally, I would like a plug-in version of this car.
  4 responses   2004 Honda Accord Replacement

Replacing 2004 Honda Accord. Considering a CR-V, Accord or Civic.
  3 responses   Fun, cheap, practical

I'm open minded.
  3 responses   Fuel-efficient family hauler

We're looking to upgrade from our 2006 VW Rabbit, which has had a bevy of unusual, mostly electrical-related problems since it passed the 60,000 mile mark. We've got a baby now, so larger (taller) vehicles would be more convenient for hauling around all our stuff and getting the car seat...
  4 responses   SUV for long highway drives, super quiet on coarse concrete interstate surface.

Has to be very quiet at interstate speeds on coarse surface concrete. Comfortable seats for long drives. Room for 4 adults.
Reliabilty is secondary to these two items, I have other transportation.

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