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Questions with Toyota Prius v Recommendations

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  4 responses   Low cost-to-own Family Car

Pretty basic search, I guess. Just looking for a car with really good cost-to-own per year, taking into account Fuel (18k miles a year, for us), insurance, maintenance and repairs, and depreciation. (Or replace depreciation with a similar metric representing increased repair costs year over year, since I'm fine holding...
  3 responses   hybrid

best fuel economy and warranty
  2 responses   looking for a fuel efficient, comfortable car with some carrying capacity. Recent retiree who had driven and loved my '07 Camry hybrid. Just not enough room in trunk.

I've driven the Accord, Camry, and Mazda 6. I liked the accord better than the others. But it doesn't ride much better than my '07 Camry hybrid on which I have 145000 miles. I'd keep it, but it may be getting close to battery replacement.
  1 response   Uber Driving

I'm looking for a car that won't be too pricey to begin with, nor on the long run (good mpg, low cost maintenance and insurance), as well as a car that will last long time and mileage.and I'm looking for a car specifically that I can drive Uber/

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