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Questions with Toyota Tacoma Recommendations

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  5 responses   affordable, efficient, good clearance/AWD

I want a car to get me to and from work safely and efficiently (twisty mountainous highway, sometimes snowy highway driving (sea-to-sky, BC)), a car to get me on logging roads (i.e. good clearance)
  4 responses   Pickup: cheap, 4wd, easy to repair in the driveway, reliable, decent gas milage, large knowledge base online for DIY repairs, longevity!

This might be a tall order, but I am looking for a pickup that will go for a very long time. I live in the mountains so 4wd is important. I drive about 80 miles a day so decent gas milage is a plus. I want a vehicle that I...
  2 responses   David's Truck hunt and comparrison

Deciding between 2013 ,2014, 2015 Ford f150 Ecoboost 4dr 4x4 or 2013, 2014, 2015 Toyota Tacoma V6 4dr 4x4
Overall vehicle costs are important to me

Thank you for any help


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