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Questions with Volkswagen Tiguan Recommendations

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  17 responses   Small, nimble, fun (as in lean in to the curves) car for petite woman with dogs & a desire to drive a stick/manual again

I moved from the California Bay Area to Western Massachusetts a year ago with several dogs and a 2011 Ford Flex Limited. When I lived in the Bay Area, I worked for a wonderful animal shelter and routinely transported dogs (up to 8 including 2 dog crates) between Gilroy and...
  12 responses   Small/medium size family hauler - fun, inexpensive, good to look at it

Our requirements are:
- good space for a small family with at least 5 seats
- 1/2 child seat capacity
- rearview camera is a must, love to have all around view
- like sporty looking cars specially in red color :)
- climate control
- love to have moon/sun...
  8 responses   Fuel-efficient car/small suv with seating for five plus a golf bag. I drive 31,000 miles average per year. Hybrid?

I have a 2010 GMC Terrain 4cyl that has the room I need and I get 27mpg in mixed driving (60% highway, 40% city/rural). I have put 127,000 miles on it in just over 4 years so reliability is important. It is OK on long trips, however, my wife does...
  6 responses   Fuel-efficient, reliable, fun to drive, Colorado

I'm looking for a reliable car that doesn't guzzle gas, that can handle mountain roads (i.e., has a little pep) and that is fun to drive. So far I have driven (and eliminated) a 2014 Kia Soul, a 2012 Honda Civic and a 2015 Honda Fit. I also drove a...
  6 responses   Fuel efficient family hauler, fast

I am looking for a wagon or an SUV. I am willing to pay around 12k for it. I want to be able to fit about a 7' item with the seats folded down.

I want to be able to use it for daily driving duty so it has...
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  5 responses   Small/mid sized SUV, 4x4 with off-road capability

My wife and I are planing to buy a vehicle for the family that has off-road capabilty fordriving up dirt and rocky mountain roads/trails toour cabin in western VA, for driving to other camping sites, and possibly for towing for a small boat. We want to find a vehicle that...
  4 responses   Reliable, fuel-efficient, safe compact SUV

Looking to start a family soon and need something bigger than a sedan but as compact as possible for an SUV that is easy to handle and park. I'd like a certified pre-owned for best value. From online ratings and reviews, the CRV seems like the clear winner and logical...
  3 responses   Fun fuel efficient large cargo area

Have a 2009 Sienna, which is great for ride and cargo capacity. Want something sportier but that still has cargo capacity and reliability
  2 responses   fun for dad, share with teens

Really like my Audi for it's fit and finish and how well it does even after 15 yrs on the road. Love a manual transmission and this one is short throw 5spd with a turbo. Its fun but too expensive to justify maintaining it any more. Next crisis and I'm...
  2 responses   AWD, rear leg room, memory seats

I've been looking at a new Jeep Cherokee with the luxury package. I like the feel of a large sun roof and I appreciate the heated memory seats. AWD is a must. I have a 2007 BMW x5 as a back up plan but am scared by the potential out...
  2 responses   Safe, family transport for a stylish anti-soccer mom

Any suggestions based on personal experience? Can you help? I am a young mom of two boys who just started elem. school so I'm about to start doing a lot of driving. I work in a style/design industry so it would be nice to have a car that easily transitions...

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