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Questions with Volvo C30 Recommendations

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  11 responses   Hot Hatch with a Lux touch

I'm moving to California and looking at some hot hatch options. I currently drive the 2013 Jetta Hybrid and am happy with the performance and fuel economy, but the battery really hampers trunch space so I am now looking for hatch back options.

Currently I have my eyes on...
  5 responses   Commuter with good handling and decent rear seats for adults

I'm looking for a car for my daily commute (30 minutes of back roads), but which can handle vacations too: highway travel with 3-4 adults and their gear. My current Fiat 500 doesn''t cut it for the latter use and is a bit too rough over nasty pavement.

  3 responses   Fuel efficient hatch

Hi guys,

I looking for a reliable hatch back car. What I am considering is Lexus CT200H.

I don't mind the performance. I appreciate good MPG & design and neatly finished interior.

Is CT reliable? That is the question I have. or would you recommend another?

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