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Questions with Volvo V60 Recommendations

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  6 responses   Wagon that fits 2 adults & 3 kids, manual transmission, and FWD

I'm looking for a wagon or large hatchback that has a manual transmission. I prefer FWD. I do not need AWD as I know how to drive in the snow. Conventional gas engine is okay, as is diesel. I'm looking to seat 3 kids in the back (1 car seat,...
  4 responses   Wife wants a new Nissan Juke

My wife would really like a new car to replace her older Honda Accord. She thinks the Jukes are really cute, and that's what she would like. I also like the looks, kind of a mini Murano. (We own a Murano and are very happy with it).

She's interested...
  4 responses   judy's retirement vehicle

Long trips, luggage capacity, comfortable

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