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Car Searches Responded To By Dan

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  2 responses   Inexpensive Family Hauler for growing family

Looking for a minivan for growing family. Couple with 11yo and 6mo and looking to have another little one soon. Also have three dogs and other small pet (hedgehog) that would be great to be able to move all at once, different from current coupe that isn't nearly big enough...
  4 responses   looking for very reliable luxury SUV, older ok but needs to be one that will go a long time

Looking for nice SUV that will run forever and not have a lot of mechanical problems. Thinking Lexus RX350, Acura MDX or older body style Sequoia (2002-2008). Also love the BMX X5 but havent read good things about it.
  3 responses   6 passenger vehicle

I am looking for a car that comfortably seats 3 teens, mom, dad and a dog. Not interested in a 3rd row. I'm trying to replace a Taurus Wagon which is growing old, but otherwise a perfect vehicle for us.

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