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Car Searches Responded To By ejulien6

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  2 responses   Lower cost tool carrier/commuter

I am making a career change and no longer need my Ford F150. I'd still like to be able to carry around some tools, though. I need a reliable used car mostly for commuting. I'm thinking about a wagon or mid-size SUV. Any advice on which generations and which models...
  2 responses   Reliable, fun car for highway driving

I'm thinking of replacing my '14 Impreza wagon, which is turning out, at 74K miles, to be quite an expensive used car. I'll be doing a lot of highway driving, so a quiet, reliable car that gets good mileage is a must. I no longer need AWD, and would like...
  2 responses   small SUV, good MPG, premium

Looking for a small, but not subcompact premium SUV with good MPG. I don't care about the brand, just want it to have a nice and reasonably quiet interior - with good long term reliability. Here are my top 3 - give me your thoughts and LMK if I've missed...
  40 responses   Fun, reliable, 4 door sedan with AWD and 6 cylinder motor.

I'm currently driving an Audi Q5 3.0T APR Stage 1, and I'm in the market for a sedan that has similar performance. I'm looking at 2016 model years CPOs of Audi A6, Jaguar XF, Lexus GS 350, and Volvo S90. Reliability, handling, and performance are important, and I appreciate your...
  16 responses   Inexpensive reliable car for my son

Considering Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Other recommendation?
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  10 responses   Luxury sporty coupe

Looking for a quiet sporty looking coupe. The quieter, the better. Also would like it to be reliable for a good long time and get at least 25mpg. Love my Lexus IS - C, but I think the top is a lemon and I cannot afford to keep having it...
  20 responses   awd convertible that is fast under 100k and not a porsche 911; yes i turned 60 3 days ago

i want a bmw m2 convertible awd but they are not and might not be made .. not a bmw m235 or m240 not the same car... debating an audi tt rs convertible if it exists; convertible is the hard part
  6 responses   slighly-fancy feeling sedan, good mpg

I'm looking for a car that's slightly stylish, lots of safety features, and good MPGs that my family won't be embaressed driving in. I currently own the last generation impreza hatchback, and my kids and wife hate being in it. I don't like it for its CVT, loud interior and...
  22 responses   Luxury feeling midsized SUV without breaking the bank

Looking for that luxury feeling without breaking the bank. I've been looking at a 2015 Audi Q5 with ~50k miles on it, listed at $29k, absolutely in love with the look and feel of the car, but feel I might be overlooking a more cost-concience option that would provide similar...
  17 responses   analysis hell - can't pick a damn car (sportyish, comfortable, features for $, reliability, sedan, coupe or hatch) warning I wrote an essay apparently

So, I've been utilizing this site quite a bit recently in my seemingly never ending personal torture chamber that is my car related indecision.

My Fiance's and I's car was totaled several months ago. We've been without one for about 2 months now, making due with public trans and...
  2 responses   mid size SUV for college kid

Due to price range and living in expensive Seattle, the Rav 4, Subaru Forester, Honda CRV are not very likely. So am considering a Hyundai Tuscon-have one of these and are very happy with it- or Sante Fe, Ford Escape-Mazda Tribute, Saturn Vue,Jeep Patriot,

I know a bit about...
  7 responses   Reliable wagon for my wife

My 5'2" wife loves her 2002 VW Jetta Wagon, but it is time for a replacement. She isn't too happy about the quirks of my Prius Hybrid and is more set on a Subaru Outback. She likes the styling (But is an AUTOMATIC TRANS ONLY driver) The longevity of the Outback...
  8 responses   Fast, luxury 4-door hatchback or sedan for my best and last-ever car in the U.S.

I'm looking for my dream car -- fast (preferably 0-60 in under 5 secs) luxurious, beautiful, loaded with the latest technology, and able to transport 4 or 5 people as well as their luggage in style and comfort. It should also have all-wheel drive for traction and performance, and all...
  6 responses   I need a car or SUV big enough to transport an electric mobility scooter in the back but small enough for a female with leg disabilities to be able to get in and out of comfortably. Need something reliable and reasonable. Have been looking at Jeep Gr

Must hold electric mobility cart in back
Must be automatic transmission
Must be easy to get in and out of (not too small, not too large)
Must be reliable and not be a finicky car
  3 responses   Fuel efficient hatch

Hi guys,

I looking for a reliable hatch back car. What I am considering is Lexus CT200H.

I don't mind the performance. I appreciate good MPG & design and neatly finished interior.

Is CT reliable? That is the question I have. or would you recommend another?
  3 responses   sporty, fuel effecient car under 20k for college

My 1991 Honda Accord coupe is breaking down on me and i am about to start college so I am looking into a new car. I will be driving alot so i need something that is reliable and fuel effecient; however, I am someone who has to have a car...

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