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Car Searches Responded To By KilgoreTrout53

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  3 responses   reliable suv

I am looking at Honda CRV, Pontiac Vibe, toyota Rav4 and Saturn Vue
Reliability is the Key issue. I have read consumer reviews and it seems that every vehicle has issues and it depends on the year too.
But are these issues valid for every owner, for example Honda CRV...
  3 responses   Roger's quest

Luxury suv
  5 responses   2013 MB GLK 350

I need to replace the 2002 ML320. I would prefer to stay under 22000, but will consider 25000. Looked at Cadillac SRX and BMW
X1. SRX was nice, but the engine light was on and dealer said it was because it was sitting a while. I did not buy the...
  12 responses   reliable suv fat woman

I have been sitting in cars just to see if I fit comfortable. the bolsters in the front seat hurt my hips; I finally found an subaru forester unlimited 2012, I fit in the seat. but when I check the reviews on edmunds, there are a bunch for every year...
  3 responses   Mycar

most reliability problems
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  10 responses   Compact SUV

Cruise Control
Traction Control
Electronic Stability
Backup Camera
Air Conditioning
  2 responses   The best

little or no rust, something that will last a long time
  4 responses   Everyday car to take mountain biking

I have a leased VW golf sportwagean. It is the perfect car for me, but it has a persistent gasoline smell that VW has been unable to fix, despite many attemps.
I'm giving it back to VW!
I'd like a manual transmission, 4 wd,
Big enough cargo space...
  11 responses   Second Car - Compact SUV with Passenger Lumbar
One-Year Veteran

I am planning on replacing my second car, a Saturn Aura over the next year. My main vehicle is a Lexus RX350 and quite frankly, it has spoiled us. One piece of equipment that is difficult to find is power passenger lumbar support. Many cars offer driver side power lumbar,...
  2 responses   3 row suv

3 row SUV to use for trips with extended family, in the snow, or to the beach. Not for every day use. Don't want to spend too much since it's not the every day car.
  11 responses   a nice sedan of a particular exterior size

I'm looking for a nice-ish sedan for my next car. Probably one of the top trims if its a standard brand, or a more value-oreinted luxury model/trim. The kicker is that I'm looking for that car to be around 180" in length. My driveway is 190" long so I'd like...
  9 responses   Reliable last ride

Ease of getting in and out. Reliability. Fuel economy 25mpg or better. Have looked at Subaru Forester,Outback,Nissan Frontier,Chevolet Colorado,Hyundai Tucson. Not sure if I want a truck or suv. The Frontier price was good. I liked the Forester but price seems high.
  8 responses   small suv go haul feed, large woman, so a comfy seat, not one that curves too much, possible awd

a vehicle that is safe, but not too hard to climb up in. I need plenty of room to carry stuffy, feed and hay. I had a sienna and loved it, but it was totaled and now my kids are grown. I'm a fat woman, so I need a comfy...
  13 responses   Fit vs Soul

i am looking at a '15 Kia Soul + (46k) and a '13 Honda Fit Sport (71k). Love the Fit handling and accereration; love the Kia front seat storage and bluetooth. (Kia 's not bad for handling and speed either.) The Honda has been meticulously serviced; the Kia was owned...
  3 responses   Safe and Expensive- Fiat maybe!

Safety, Great gas mileage and I can drive a standard fine.
  4 responses   Large reliable sedan with leather seats, FWD or AWD, under $22K, under 35K miles, more reliable than my DTS or the E350 I had before it.

I love a land yacht! Isolation from
the road is good for me. I also need a little bit of customer cache (not necessarily a luxury brand). I absolutely can't stand the repair costs and reliability issues I've had with my Cadillac DTS, or my MB E 350 before it.

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