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Car Searches Responded To By benck55

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  5 responses   NextAWD

I am looking at followings SUVs as my next vechicle (upstate NY): Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Audi Q7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS Need to also decide whether to own or lease and cost of insurance for both options. Any pros or cons on the approach would be appreciated.
  6 responses   Porsche Opinion?

Hi Guys, considering leasing or getting a 2015 -2017 Porsche Cayenn S E-Hybrid CPO. Would like to get opinions on it before I take the plunge. Been on the Porsche forums and it looks like the facelifted model is the preferred choice but also lot of people also prefer the...
  9 responses   GTI long-term?

Need help choosing a reliable and FUN compact hatch or sedan. GTI, Civic SI, Focus ST top the list. Manual transmission is a must. I plan to keep it 10 years and give to son as first car. Dark horse in the running is Golf Sportwagen S 4motion. Any thoughts...
  4 responses   Reliable, fuel efficient SUV

I have hip and back problems, so want something I step up into (not low) with good lumbar support that won't have me feeling every bump in the road. I need to be able to lay down in it, so folding rear seats that go flat are key. I need...
  3 responses   Jaguar Ownership Long Term?

Hi guys, I'm considering the Jaguar F Pace for long term ownership. Will probably pull the trigger around December - March time frame or earlier. Currently on a lease but the wife wants to own now long term.

Did a search here in True Delta but nothing much on...
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  1 response   Comfortable & a little sporty family sedan,

Looking for a good looking, nice riding/sporty ride. Seats 4 comfortably and would be good for my long commutes and business trips. Thinking about a Mazda 6 or VW Passat. Any thoughts?
  7 responses   VW Alltrack SE

Currently own a new 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport but the vehicle is just too darn big. Got it to do some hauling and home remodel stuff but now realizing that 99% of is use is a commuter and town vehicle. I have always wanted to own a VW Sportwagen...
  9 responses   New or Used Ultra High performance sports car comparable or better than F-Type R

My 16 Ftype R is a lemon and it's time to move on. I am looking for a vehicle that can do 0-60 under 4 seconds, has excellent looks, fantastic dealer support and is modifiable when I want to put on performance parts (dealer support at that point would be...
  4 responses   Grand Cherokee vs. Liberty

Are Jeeps still reliable vehicles that can go the distance? I've always loved the look of the Grand Cherokee, no matter which model year it was, and I'm beginning to also like the look of the more compact Jeep Liberty (2008-12 model only). How satisfied are people with the durability...
  8 responses   Reasonable repair costs, SUV, good acceleration, used

I'm trading my Mercedes E 550 fully loaded sedan (2008) because I need something less expensive to maintain. I have a grandson I like to haul around and want to take on vacation.
I am considering the Suburu Outback because it seems like it is reliable, will hold value and...

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