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  6 responses   4 door sedan

Looking for a mid siaze sedan that will be reliable, am planning to keep at least 10 years.
  9 responses   Fuel-efficient Family Hauler

I currently drive a Chevy Malibu. I'm just beginning to look for something a little bigger.
  12 responses   reliable suv fat woman

I have been sitting in cars just to see if I fit comfortable. the bolsters in the front seat hurt my hips; I finally found an subaru forester unlimited 2012, I fit in the seat. but when I check the reviews on edmunds, there are a bunch for every year...
  3 responses   Fun and affordable compact/midsize

I'm looking for a comfortable, durable and fun car mostly for running errands around town. I'm looking for something that is more interesting to drive than the 2006 Civic that I currently own.I'm most interested in a sedan or a hatchback that will be practical in the city and capable...
  5 responses   Looking for a new AWD family hauler. Safe, reliability, and cargo room are important. I

I've been looking into a Safe, Reliable AWD/4x4 vehicle. My searches have included primarily on Subaru's Outback, Forester, Honda's CR-V. It'll be maily a city car ( we get snow and ice during winter) and we do occationally camp.

I recently was offered a deal on a 2016 Jeep...
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  14 responses   MK VII GTI owner regrets?

I've been researching this for a while. My needs aren't very much. I just need a daily commuter that can accomodate 1 of 2 passengers plus a dog. This will be my only car, so it has to be able to do everything well. I'm currently driving an '04 Baja...
  10 responses   Compact SUV

Cruise Control
Traction Control
Electronic Stability
Backup Camera
Air Conditioning
  18 responses   Maintenance free, fuel efficient, fun car for my daily drive to and from work

Less than 80k miles, no accidents if possible, a vehicle with utility (hatch, folding rear seats), front or all wheel drive, I've looked at mini clubman and countryman, fiat 500 sport & abarth, ford focus/Fiesta ST, audi a4/a6 avant.

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