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Car Searches Responded To By FordTruck

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  1 response   Reliable, somewhat engaging, reasonably priced, and efficient.
Tim P

After 11 years with my 2012 Mazda 3 with a manual, I sadly hit a deer. I'm currently dealing with insurance, but a broken headlight (although the bulbs still work), dented fender and hood was deemed a total loss. I hope to fix it myself and eventually get a rebuilt...
  4 responses   Fuel efficient, reliable Mid size luxury SUV

A replacement SUV for my Q5 TDI
  5 responses   small comfortable commuter, not too boring,

Looking for a 2nd car for the household. It will be mainly a commuter for me doing just 25mi daily (about 30min each way) 90% highway and small trips around town. It'll also pull the occasional school drop-off/pick-up for 1 child (need room for car seat in back). I'm only...

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