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2017 BMW 528i9

The Right Car for Me | TrueDelta


BMW 528i Low Miles Certified, Black\Black Navigation and XM radio

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 15
Maximum age: 2 years

Maximum price: US $ 32000

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Response from AcuraT

11:34 am July 1, 2018

According to Consumer Reports and TrueDelta, not much data around the 2017 model year. Previous years in Consumer Reports show general reliablity (2014, 2015, 2016) but expensive problems start occuring as they get older. Problems with the engine, climate control, suspension, and in car electroincs start around year 5. So you will have a few years of few to no issues, but as of year 5 and older, watch out.

Scotty Kilmer on youtube, a mechanic who posts on many car concerns, hates these cars as they are expensive to fix but he likes cars that last 10 years or more with few to no problems (limiting him to Toyota, Lexus, and a few domestic cars). He does single out BMW, Mercedes, and Audi for building great cars that have a five year life span whih he hates.

So you are good for the short term but expect to pay more than a reliable brand long term.


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