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AWD, rear leg room, memory seats

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I've been looking at a new Jeep Cherokee with the luxury package. I like the feel of a large sun roof and I appreciate the heated memory seats. AWD is a must. I have a 2007 BMW x5 as a back up plan but am scared by the potential out of warranty maintenance costs.

Priorities: Safety & braking / Interior styling / Quietness / Fuel economy

Preferred Bodystyle(s): SUV

Car Needs: Family transporter

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 60000
Maximum age: 7 years

Maximum price: US $ 40000

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Response from mkaresh

1:53 pm July 30, 2014

A 2007 BMW will be expensive to keep up. Even if it requires no repairs, the scheduled maintenance is pricey.

The Jeep has some nice features. I didn't much care for how it drives personally, as it's less agile than other compact SUVs. Hard to say how reliable it will be, as it's all-new this year. Good so far in our survey, but this is based on less than a year of owneship.

The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport offers a panoramic sunroof, memory seat, and a long warranty. Some reviewers have found the ride quality a little unsettled and the interior styling a bit odd, and it's not as quiet as the Cherokee or Escape. Your personal impressions could differ, so worth a look.

The Ford Escape offers both features, plus sporty handling. The rear seat is tighter than the others mentioned here. Reliability has been okay, but not great.

If you're prefer something truly European, the VW Tiguan has a panoramic sunroof and memory seat. But it is pricey and a little dated.


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Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
Ford Escape
Volkswagen Tiguan

Response from Member2976

11:42 am August 18, 2014

try the Mercedes R350, it should meet all of your requirements, it has incredible rear seat leg room, has 4 wheel drive, a turbo disel engine, and seats 5 -7 people comfortably.


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Mercedes-Benz GLK
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