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Questions with Audi Q5 Recommendations

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  21 responses   Comfortable and dependable commuter, weekend excursions on snow/mud/gravel

Looking for a new (used) car when I return from Germany - there are several months to pin down something perfect. Something that is dependable so I can count on it for daily communiting, but something with enough brawn to handle weekend excursions into mud/gravel/snow for some hiking and...
  8 responses   What car should I buy?

Honda CRV- not enough luxury & was not able to test drive since all vehicles on the lot were sold. Worried not enough power. subaru outback and forester- not enough luxury, couldn't test drive, worried about not enough power. toyota RAV- too small and couldn't get light colored interior, toyota...
  6 responses   Need FWD SUV/Crossover

I am looking for a small SUV/Crossover with FWD. While I prefer AWD, the FWD vehicle will be towed on a dolly behind an RV. Right now, I have a Golf TDI which is a great car, but I'm tired of feeling like I'm sitting in a washtub. And, I'm...
  3 responses   Ditching the minivan for a fuel-efficient, AWD & maybe luxurious SUV, with room for growing boys' legs!

Hi all,
Top priorities: match or exceed the 2003 Honda Odyssey's 244hp... Be AWD or 4WD to manage the way to and from the mountains in Colorado... get me warmed up fast for the winter CO mornings, and (perhaps my priorities are off but) also have some decent rear seat...
  3 responses   NEW SUV

Looking for a new SUV
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  4 responses   Semi retirement car

Lexus NX 300- great car, just too expensive, great front seats with support I love. This car has the bare mimum amount of space I need.
Subaru Outback- Front seats not as supportive as I expected, excellent cargo space, little concerned about long term reliability
Mercedes GLK 250- appreciate the...
  2 responses   Retirement vehicle

So far I have looked at the MB Gl Bluetec SUV

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