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Questions with Buick LaCrosse Recommendations

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  7 responses   old man's car

Considering a 2013 MKS Ecoboost to replaced beloved 1994 Northstar powered DeVille with 64K.
  5 responses   New car shopping and overwhelmed with choices

i currently drivea 2004 V6 Honda Accord coupe with @ 75,000 miles. City driving (6 miles to gym round trip, 6 miles to work round trip, maybe 100 miles on the weekend). my husband would prefer an American made car (GM), also receive a GM or Ford supplier discount through...
  3 responses   BEST BET
A member in Washington, United States

Given the bias twoards Japanese, Korean, German cars for their workmanship, reliability, MPG, should I even consider an American made car?
  3 responses   Driver Leg room

I'm tall and need greatreal world leg room. Even the Highlander which advertises 44 inches seems small. Colorado truck seems about right in legroom

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