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Comfortable car for my midlife crisis

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2009 Ford Escape

Priorities: Fuel economy / Handling / Reliability & durability

Preferred Bodystyle(s): SUV

Car Needs: Daily commuter / Long trips

Primary Driver(s): Senior driver

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 100000
Maximum age: 6 years

Maximum price: US $ 6000

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Response from mkaresh

11:51 am December 29, 2015

This year Ford Escape isn't especially good at anything. But it's not especially bad at anything, either. Reliability has been so-so. In it's favor, it's much cheaper than a Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 of the same age. They are more reliable, but they are also much more expensive as used cars.

The same amount of money can buy a more reliable, newer Ford Focus or Ford Fusion, but they're sedans, not SUVs.


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Response from Ecowas

12:52 pm February 2, 2016

Thanks for the responce. I wanted to go Honda CRV or Toyota Rav4 but were expensive as compared to the Ford Escape. I didnt need a sedan because i just sold my 2006 pontiac Vibe so i can go for a bigger car. i bought the Ford Escape in the first week of January and i hope i am going enjoy it inspite of the reliability slur cast on it. i believe in routine maintenance so i know it will serve me well.


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Response from mkaresh

9:41 am February 3, 2016

Most likely it'll be fine, and you'll be happy with it. Differences in reliability are rarely night and day, the probabilities of a good car or a bad car just vary.


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