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Comfortable safe appliance car

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Hi All,
I just wrote a long paragraph that deleted when I hit"submit" bc I had an error in a box!! So i'll be briefer this time. I don't have a lot of $....A car is an appliance to me...reliability and safety most important...comfort too (middle aged). I just drove a (used 2006)Kia Sportage into the ground...clutch went, frame rotted. Before that I had a volvo wagon..It needed everything when i traded it 10 yrs ago, ($$$). I've been looking at Camrys and Accords. Today I went to a guy that many people I know buy from, in business 30 years. Drove a Camry, nice clean car...but I don't like being so low to the ground, and it fells a little small. He primarily sells used Volvos, and I ended up driving a 2006 XC70...loved it! Higher, more sbstantial car, and I'm a sucker for those front seats!!! I know the Volvo will need maintenance (Two reasonable Volvo mechanics near me), uses premium gas , and gets lower mileage. Camry is one of most reliable out there, and it will probably go forever.... so choices are"
2007 Camry 70k m, $8600; 2006 XC70 w 85km for $8500 ; or 2004 XC70 w 129k m. Fuel pump fixed, timing belt done, 4 new tires, and he knew the owners, (which is why he took the car, doesn't have anything else that low price). I like the price...and the comfort and safety...but will it be expensive to maintain and run if I have a reasonable mechanic? I know Volvo will be premium gas and lower mileage...but will it last? when I drove the volvo and smiled, I realized I didn't smile once w the Camry, even though it's pretty and has a moon roof! (So do the volvos)
What do you think? Will the Volvo drive me nuts and empty my wallet? Should I just suck it up and get a Camry? Thanks!

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Safety & braking / Reliability & durability

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 100000
Maximum age: 15 years

Maximum price: US $ 10000

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Response from DarronS

10:42 am June 3, 2017

If you're looking for an appliance, Camry is the way to go. It will be much less expensive to maintain than a Volvo. If you do get one of the Volvs have the radiator replaced immediately. They are prone to crack on the bottom and you won't know you have a problem until the engine starts making very expensive noises. I learned this the hard way. You'll also need to get the suspension bushings checked out and most likey replaced. The turbo is another possible problem area. If the previous owners changed the oil according to the factory schedule the turbos will easily last 300,000 miles. If not you could be looking at a very expensive replacement. Have a mechanic pull the valve cover and check for sludge buildup, which is a sign of improper maintenance.

I've never owned a Toyota so maybe someone with experience with high mileage Camrys will chime in with advice.


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Response from scmorrissey14

10:40 pm June 3, 2017

Thanks! Still undecided...really don't like being so low to the ground as in a Camry.


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Response from DarronS

10:29 am June 4, 2017

My wife and I have made this decision several times in the past. We've owned six Volvos over the years and no Toyotas. If nothng else, the front seats make Volvos worth owning.


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Response from LectroFuel

1:39 am June 6, 2017

I've owned some Toyota's over the past 20 years, but never a Camry. My 05 Prius I bought new is still running at 250,000 miles and I liked that reliability part of the car, so I bought a 2016. It is no doubt that Camry is going to certainly cost less in the long term than the Volvo. Since you said you don't have that much money, think of what the smart choice is: the reliable Toyota that is also safe and relatively comfortable or the unreliable Volvo that will last you a couple years and give you headaches. I'm not being biased because I like Toyota's, but it's really common sense. BTW, you'll be saving more money with regular fuel and better MPG with the Camry.

Also, if you could look at a Honda Accord, you would probably prefer that over the Camry. The Camry is more of a rental car with a cheaper feel. The Accord has more comfortable seats than the Camry, is more fun than the Camry, and is safe. It seems like you are looking at a more fully loaded Camry, which is MUCH better than a lower level Camry IMO. Good luck!


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Honda Accord
Toyota Camry

Response from eabpmn

11:36 pm July 13, 2017

Every time I metion maybe I should get a Volvo wagon to my mechancis, I get a lot of eyerolling and they start talking about Volvo, Ball Joints, $1500 a wheel for a ball joint and that from what they have seen is that Volvo (especially the V70from theyears you are looking at) EAT ball joints. And then they start in on thelist of other things about Volvos and that parts cost 2-3 times as much as other cars. One called the V70 a money pit.

Not a lot of $$$$ and 'get a Volvo' do not go in the same sentence.


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