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Fuel-efficient family hauler; Fun, comfortable car

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kia optima hybrid

Car Needs: Family transporter / Errands about town

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 50000
Maximum age: 4 years

Maximum price: C $ 35000

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Response from mwcten

3:52 pm September 4, 2014

In that price range you could get a prius or Accord hybrid, so, while Kia's are cheaper initially, they'll drop their value so much quicker, and probably not get as good a MPG that I don't think they're worth it. MSRP for the Accord is about $4k more than the Optima; Prius is about the same as the Optima, and the Accord and Prius will both get you 40+ mpg; the Optima will be mid 30's.


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Toyota Prius
Honda Accord

Response from mkaresh

10:34 am September 6, 2014

Also be aware that the Sonata and Optima Hybrids were updated for 2013, and this improved their performance and efficiency. They'll be totally redesigned for 2016 (the non-hybrid Sonata has been redesigned for 2015, and the new car is a big improvement).

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is another good one, though the 2014 will be more reliable than the 2013. I find it more comfortable and more fun-to-drive than most others, though the new Accord Hybrid is also very good.


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Response from mitchell9353

12:10 am September 7, 2014

If styling and handling are important to you I would suggest the Mazada6. Fuel efficient and roomy for a sedan. But in Nova Scotia I would want a Subaru Outback for its reliability and all wheel drive.


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Mazda Mazda6
Subaru Outback

Response from mkaresh

9:49 am September 11, 2014

I hadn't thought about the cold. Hybrids and electrics don't have as large an efficiency advantage in extreme heat or cold. I wonder what the experience of hybrid owners has been like in Canada. This is probably discussed somewhere on priuschat.com, an excellent forum.

So the above response might be right that a Mazda6 or a Subaru Legacy (the sedan counterpart to the Outback) might be the best way to go. The 2015 Legacy is considerably more efficient than earlier ones.


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