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Grand Cherokee vs. Liberty

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Are Jeeps still reliable vehicles that can go the distance? I've always loved the look of the Grand Cherokee, no matter which model year it was, and I'm beginning to also like the look of the more compact Jeep Liberty (2008-12 model only). How satisfied are people with the durability and maintenance costs of their Jeeps? I know the late 90's and early 2000 models had durable engines but I'm unsure of how they are now or even for the last 5 - 7 years. I'm currently driving a 2004 Infiniti G35 sedan, which I've owned since 2008, and I'm quite satisfied with it still now at 165k miles, but would like to get a SUV for the extra size/room that they offer. I'm specifically interested in 2008 year models and up for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty. Can I expect to drive this car for 200k miles with very little maintenance/repair?

Priorities: Powertrain performance / Reliability & durability / Brand reputation & image

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 80000
Maximum age: 7 years

Maximum price: US $ 14000

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Response from benck55

9:15 am March 22, 2017

Actually interested in getting the Grand Cherokee for the next lease besides a Touareg . if you are buying to own long term, Would highly recommend the MAX Care warranty especially if you go for the Lifetime package. It covers the vehicle with unlimited mileage as long you are the original owner. Been lurking on the Jeep Forums and there is a Brand (Jeep Loyalists) following for the Grand Cherokee. MY16 and up gets the updated Pentastar 3.6.


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Response from v8ford50powerjon

4:29 pm March 22, 2017

I wouldnt buy the Jeep Liberty. I maintain the fleet vehicles for my place of employment and compared to the Tacomas and Silverados we also use, the Jeeps are constantly in need of pricey repairs. We've had to change out a gasoline tank anda transmission in oneunder 100k miles, another had its axle bearing go out in 25k miles (it was covered under warranty), one's transmision cooler lines rusted out in about 80k miles, and three of them shake violently when started. Neither Searsnor the dealerhave been able to fix the problem yet. I wouldhighly suggest going with a different make.


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Response from mkaresh

5:04 pm March 31, 2017

The Liberty just isn't a good vehicle in any way with the modest exception of off-roading. Doesn't drive all that well. Not known for being reliable.

The current Grand Cherokee drives very well, much better than the Toyota 4Runner with which it competes. The one area where it doesn't compare to the Toyota is reliability. The 2011s (last full redesign) and 2014s (last significant update, including an eight-speed automatic that improved performance dramatically) required quite a few repairs, especially initially. The engine update for 2016 was relatively minor.

Bottom line: while many people love the Grand Cherokee, I don't think many knowledgeable people buy them for their long-term reliability. If long-term reliability is the top priority I'd get a Toyota 4Runner. But the Jeep drives so much better that the reliability tradeoff can seem justified.


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Response from brianm929

2:43 pm April 6, 2017

I have owned 3 Jeep Grand Cherokees. 2 of those where prior to the 2011 model which was completely new. The older ones had quite a few issues. The new model 2011 and up has been excellent for me. I have the Overland with the hemi and I love it. I have over 60,000 miles on it and it has been very reliable. Don't look for good fuel economy with this but if you live where winter exists you will be pleased. I also tow a trailer (under 3000 lbs) and it works great for that as well. I have had the vehicle for just about 6 years now and it is wearing well. The leather seats are still in good condition. The black bits on the exterior have faded some but that is about it.


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