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Questions with Kia Sorento Recommendations

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  9 responses   Family vehicle, no minivans

I need something large enough to fit a growing family, and occasionally to fit adults in the back. Safety and reliability are important, though I'd also like to find something that's relatively fun to drive, if possible. Nothing too big or high off the ground. Low profile is good. The...
  7 responses   AWD, Towing, RELIABLE!!!


I am getting ready to replace my current (but horrible) vehicle. A 2008 Jeep Patriot. I won't get into the reasons I am getting rid of it...

Ok, $25000 give or take a grand or two, 5 seats (wife and two kids), needs to fit a hockey...
  6 responses   Reliable attractive car for single mom

I'm looking for a reliable, durable used SUV, that looks attractive inside and out, has a smooth ride and is cheap on gas and insurance. What are my best options
  7 responses   Family hauler

Looking for cross over SUV, comfortable on long trips, good fuel efficiency with exterior style. Key points to make or break car: high price, not comfortable, low MPG. Looked at Lexus RX350 and Audi Q5.
  5 responses   Family SUV for those who like to have fun; Good for daily commute, long trips, golf trips, and snow trips.

Have looked at the 2016 Honda Pilot EX-L, 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited, and 2015 Dodge Durango Limited and each has its highs/lows. We are a fairly tall family with both adults over 6ft and the kids (no car seats necessary) seem to be heading that way. We golf, ski, andtake...
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  6 responses   Family AWD SUV

We are looking for a family car. Family is 2 adults, 7 year old, and a dog. It's used mainly as a commuter car (~40km a day), and due to work needs to be able to get around in bad weather (AWD required). Used on weekends for errands, activities (skiing,...
  4 responses   Semi retirement car

Lexus NX 300- great car, just too expensive, great front seats with support I love. This car has the bare mimum amount of space I need.
Subaru Outback- Front seats not as supportive as I expected, excellent cargo space, little concerned about long term reliability
Mercedes GLK 250- appreciate the...
  3 responses   Smallest car, van, SUV or whatever with third row seating

I am at a loss as to what to look at. I have been thinking a Mazda CX5, but am unsure it has sufficient space. Basically, my wife is looking for third row seating for our kids, and their friends, but she is an unconfident driver, who is 5 feet...
  3 responses   Ditching the minivan for a fuel-efficient, AWD & maybe luxurious SUV, with room for growing boys' legs!

Hi all,
Top priorities: match or exceed the 2003 Honda Odyssey's 244hp... Be AWD or 4WD to manage the way to and from the mountains in Colorado... get me warmed up fast for the winter CO mornings, and (perhaps my priorities are off but) also have some decent rear seat...
  3 responses   NEW SUV

Looking for a new SUV
  3 responses   Fuel-efficient family hauler

We're looking to upgrade from our 2006 VW Rabbit, which has had a bevy of unusual, mostly electrical-related problems since it passed the 60,000 mile mark. We've got a baby now, so larger (taller) vehicles would be more convenient for hauling around all our stuff and getting the car seat...
  3 responses   Fuel efficient two and four legged family hauler

I've been an Acura owner for 24 yrs. so that's whzere I'm leaning. But im open to suggestion. Fuel economy, but I need to haul things occasionally as heavy as two horse trailer. Am currently sear hinging for European make that reduces the tongue weight of the trailer significantly so...
  3 responses   Does a car for my needs exist?

My Need (Most Important Stuff):
Backroad commuting through Chicago winters 100 miles per day, so something that can safely handle all weather conditions.
Longevity and reliability- Commute is almost 50 miles each way.
Fuel economy- Keeping the commute cost as low as possible.

My Wants (Not a Requirement But...
  3 responses   comfortable car for my mid-life crisis

Dodge Journey 2016 AWD with 3.6L 6 speed automatic transmission
  3 responses   Reliability, Like-ability, and Comfort of BMW X3

I am considering buying a BMW x3 in either 2013 or 2014 model years. My main issues with the reviews on this car are: 1.the rear seat comfort given what those rear seat cushions look like in the pictures; 2. Front seat comfort for long trips; 3. Reliability and repair...
  1 response   Safe reliable SUV for Commuting Working Grandma

Have been driving Chevy Suburbans (bus) for last 15 years and looking for a little smaller (and sportier) vehicle for Dallas traffic and parking. I don\'t think I can get used to riding lower to ground again. Need safety and reliability since I travel to visit children/grand children (400 miles...

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