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Questions with Lexus IS Recommendations

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  8 responses   good value, sporty, manual transmission for a young guy

So I am 19 and absolutely love driving. I learned how to drive on my dads 6 speed mini cooper S and fell in love with driving stick. It's time to buy a nicer car than my '02 accord, which is a manual transmission too and my next car must...
  7 responses   Fun

Hello - I've gotten the response I wanted. Thank you to everyone who replied. I've decided that for now I am keeping my current car. Thanks again.
  6 responses   Introductory luxury sedan with nice interior

I currently have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X with lots of interior upgrades (leather, large touchscreen, NAV, Bluetooth, rear view camera). I love the Jeep but it's too big for my parking spot. I would like something smaller but which still feels "nice" inside, including leather seats. Because...
  7 responses   Business, Fun Daily-Driver

As I have just gotten a new job, I will be driving 20k miles a year on my new car. I am 24 and an Automotive Engineer, so I know everything about cars I'm just not very good at these decisions, considering it is my first.

At 24 years...
  6 responses   Performance sedan/coupe

I am considering between a 2006 Lexus IS350 and BMW 335I. I like the Lexus for reliability and the BMW for power and handling. I don't know where to go. Please help. Thank you.
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  5 responses   Fun car for the daily commute and spirited back road driving.

99% of my driving is going to be the daily 1+ hour commute. The rest of the time will be for weekend trips with my wife/wife+family. That said, I need four seats but I don't need a ton of cargo space.

I want some power, handling, decent fuel efficiency,...
  5 responses   Mercedes E350

Been researching the Mercedes E350. Looking for Black on Black or Black on Gray. Want a car that is reliable and comfortable. Want exceptional fit and finish. I tired of GM junk and crappy workmanship. I bought them brand new. Would like the car to have all the accessories and...
  3 responses   New to me used car

Im looking for a reliablr used car that is quick and fun to drive.
  4 responses   Comfortable for my mid life crisis

Reliability is very important, but I want a car that looks great. I cannot afford a new BMW, but the 2011 328I with 30k miles sounds great. I'm just concerned with the typical issues as the car ages even more.
  2 responses   nice car

The key point to break the deal is the reliability.

I looked at BMW 335i, late stage quality and repair cost is my concern

I looked at Acura TL, how far handling is it different from BMW?
  2 responses   Lexus or....

Own a 2005 Lexus ES, love the csr but may handd it down to son with 180K miles on it and running brand new. Thinking of buying another used Lexus ES, possibly look at LS too but gas mileage and repair costs (they are durable but when they break their...
  2 responses   Time for an upgrade

I bought a scion tc new in December 2004 when I was 18 for cash. The car has lasted me without any real problems for ~10 years through college and am finishing up with grad school in another year. One thing that has driven me crazy about my car since...
  2 responses   smaller but just as luxurious and reliable as LS430

I need to shrink my Lexus LS430...by about a foot in length and about 3 to 6 inches on the width. I love everything about the car, except that it doesn't fit into the garage of my new home. It's an old house and parking outside isn't an option. Looking...
  2 responses   Sleek, aerodynamic and drives well

Want to feel like I am sitting in my livingroom when I drive - has to support my lower back. Needs a good sound system, has to handle well and have better than average pick up. I like an aerodynamic exterior with at least 25mpg in the city and take...
  1 response   E350 Cab

Looked at A% Cab, A8, Panamara, LS460, 911, XK8, 335i Convert and did not fing them better than what I have (2013 A6). I have not driven a E350 Cab (2011,2012) yet but am hpoing this would be a good second fun car.
  1 response   Next Car Suggestions?

  1 response   Replacement Hard-top Convertible for '07 335i convertible. Daily Commuter but fun in the sun

BMW 4 Series Convertibles 428 xi
  1 response   car for work, travel and day trips. SUV or sedan. Acura MDX or Infiniti g 37x

I'm torn between the ACURA MDX or the INFINITI G 37X.I tend to keep cars for a long time and want someting that is fun to drive and reliable. I also like low maintenance. Drive to Fla. 2x per year from NC. Short commute to work to work, 10 minutes.
  4 responses   Fun dog hauler with personality, value, touches of luxury and reasonable reliability

I've got one of those VWs -- a 2012 JSW TDI surrounded by a cloud of toxic death each time I drive to the store. And, if rumors and court documents hold true, VW will soon ask for it back, while sending me flowers, a nice note and a big...

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