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Lexus or....

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Own a 2005 Lexus ES, love the csr but may handd it down to son with 180K miles on it and running brand new. Thinking of buying another used Lexus ES, possibly look at LS too but gas mileage and repair costs (they are durable but when they break their not cheap to fix). Looking for a combination of ride quality, handling but reliability iss key. Lexus is no BMW (I previously owned a BMW 330) but its super comfortable and reliable so its a good trade off.... Any suggestions, how's the Genesis long term reliability? How does it ride after 100K.

I'm of the opinion that most decent cars will get to 100K with minor issues these days, its the next 100K that matter. leaning towards maybe a 2010 lexus ES but open to ideas and experiences.... Acura TL is also being considered. Hate the grill but....

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Materials & workmanship / Ride smoothness / Exterior styling / Interior styling

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Sedan

Car Needs: Daily commuter / Client-facing

Primary Driver(s): Tall driver

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 70000
Maximum age: 6 years

Maximum price: US $ 20000

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Response from willied

8:44 pm November 21, 2014

Have you driven an IS? That would be a good choice that's more fun to drive than the ES. The GS is a step up in size, but you could check that out as well. Both are RWD versus the ES which is FWD.

You're right about most cars getting to 100k without much of a problem. But when the German cars break down at whatever point it'll cost a lot more to fix. Lexus and Acura are going to be the most reliable in the luxury segment. You may want to check out Volvo (S60, or V60 if you like wagons - I personally prefer them for their utility) and Infiniti as well.


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Lexus IS
Lexus GS
Volvo S60

Response from mkaresh

4:14 pm November 22, 2014

Once you focus on reliability during the second 100k, you're pushing yourself into a Lexus or maybe an Acura. Among luxury sedans, nothing beats the Lexus LS for long-term durability. The ES might be close for the first 200k, but after that the LS likely pulls ahead. The IS and GS has been spottier, but still far less likely to become troublesome than one of the Germans. The current generation IS and GS handle better than earlier ones, but they're far too new to find for $20k.

Over at Acura, the RL might hold up better over the long-term than the TL. It has largely slipped under the radar, so you should be able to get one that isn't terribly old within your budget (possibly an issue with the Lexus LS). 2008 is the last year for one without the ugly grille, just outside your cutoff.

The Infiniti M could also be a contender. Just remember that 2011 was the first year of the current design. Withany model the first year of a redesign is often at least a little less reliable than later ones.

The Genesis is too new to say how they'll do with a lot of miles, as the 2009s now average about 60k miles. Its record so far has been iffy--though mostly electrical things like the nav system and motors for the tilt/telescope of the steering wheel. If you do get one, those without the Technology Package avoids these common problem areas.

The upshot: if you want the most reliable luxury car for $20k, you'll likely end up with another ES, as any LS that's the same price will be much older. Newer is almost always more reliable, so at a given price point there's a trade-off between the inherent reliability of the model and its age.But it's worth checking out the IS, GS, TL, RL, and M to see if any advantage in how they drive over the ES is worth somewhat less long-term reliability.


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Lexus GS
Infiniti M
Acura RL
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