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Luxury SUV Hunt

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I'm looking for a luxury SUV or sport wagon. Load capacity isn't critical but leg and head room are. I only drive about 6000 miles per year so gas mileage isn"t important. I'd like something that has style and performance. I'm not impressed with anything BMW for multiple reasons. I like the VW Toureg diesel but the styling is a bit boring and the reliability? Acura RDX is the right size but so boring. Volvo V60 is beautiful but it may be too tight for the driver. I LOVE the looks of the Range Rover Evoque. It's the perfect style and size but when I drove an early model I thought the engine was noisy, the transmission abrupt and the throttle tip-in was too quick. I have not tried the current model with the new transmission (Michael?).

Priorities: Exterior styling / Powertrain performance / Ride smoothness / Quietness / Front seat room

Preferred Bodystyle(s): SUV

Car Needs: Errands about town / Long trips

Primary Driver(s): Tall driver

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 10000
Maximum age: 2 years

Maximum price: US $ 50000

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Response from mkaresh

11:11 am September 1, 2014

With the Volvo, so you mean the XC60? The V60 is a compact wagon, while the XC60 is a related crossover. My wife LOVES the XC60. Reliability has been good for the 2013, but iffy for older ones. If you're driving only 6k/year, but the vehicle doesn't actually sit for extended periods of time, you will be less likely to have problems.

I haven't driven an Evoque with the new transmission, but agree that the older one I drove seemed lacking in refinement. Pretty, but expensive for what you get.

I've yet to drive the new Lincoln MKC, which is based on the Escape. It's all-new, so reliability is unknown. But you might like how it looks and drives (has some similarities to the Volvo and RR aesthetics), so probably worth considering.

Lexus also has a new compact crossover, the NX. I don't care for the styling at all, and have not yet driven it. But tastes differ, so I thought I'd throw it out there.

If you find the Touareg boring, you'd probably also find the Audi Q5 boring, though it's interior is a little nicer. And you didn't mention the Mercedes GLK, so I imagine you find its styling unappealing.


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Volvo XC60
Lincoln MKC
Lexus NX

Response from mitchell9353

11:27 pm September 3, 2014

Thanks for the response Michael. I was thinking of the Volvo V60 sport wagon. My desire is for some extra space and utility over that of a sedan. My issue with most vehicles is front seat leg room and elbow room. Your comments on vehicle specs are right on; I find a vehicle with adequate legroom will often have my side view obscured by the B-pillar. My F-150 has lots of room, but drives like a truck (duh!). Surprisingly, my Mini Coupe has adequate room for me, but little else. I like the GLK but too tight for the driver. Maybe the ML. Agree with you about the Lexus styling; what are they thinking? I want to see the 2015 Ford Edge; nice looking and the right size. I appreciate your views.


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Response from mkaresh

10:19 am September 6, 2014

The new Edge could be good. I know nothing about it at the moment. There's also a new Nissan Murano, but Nissan's latest transmission has been troublesome.


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