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Questions with Mazda Protege Recommendations

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  10 responses   Keep the Protege5, get an RX-8, or neither?
Ten-Year Veteran

About five years ago I briefly considered getting a Honda S2000, then a Mazda RX-8. My father then bought one of the latter. We figured that once he tired of it, I'd take it off his hands.

It took much longer than he expected, but he has now tired...
  6 responses   Introductory luxury sedan with nice interior

I currently have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo X with lots of interior upgrades (leather, large touchscreen, NAV, Bluetooth, rear view camera). I love the Jeep but it's too big for my parking spot. I would like something smaller but which still feels "nice" inside, including leather seats. Because...
  6 responses   Reliable cheap commuter car

Looking for a cheap car that will be reliable and easy to maintain. Don't need anything special, just something that can get me from point A to point B without many problems. Thanks
  5 responses   Inexpensive and reliable

I am mainly looking for a vehicle that is reliable and inexpensive to buy and own. A hatch would be great but I can't find one that hasn't been mistreated or with a clean title. I also need an automatic and it doesn't matter if it is AWD/FWD. Last car...
  3 responses   Fun, cheap, practical

I'm open minded.
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