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Medium sedan or SUV

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Owned Volvo S60, Saab 9-5 and VW Golfproducts and have been satisfied with all. Reliability is paramount.

Priorities: Interior styling / Driving position & visibility / Reliability & durability

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Sedan / Wagon / SUV

Car Needs: Errands about town

Primary Driver(s): Senior driver

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 60000
Maximum age: 3 years

Maximum price: C $ 22000

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Response from mkaresh

2:22 pm September 7, 2016

I suspect no one has responded for a couple of reasons:

1. You place a high priority on reliability, but none of the cars you liked owning is known for reliability. If those were reliable enough for you, then just about anything newish should be okay.

2. Other than reliability, it's unclear what you like and dislike about a car, or what sort of vehicle you'd prefer. Sedan / wagon / SUV covers nearly everything.

Which cars are you considering, and what do you like and dislike about them?


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Response from NormT

9:18 am July 19, 2017

If you like Saab 9-5 you'll like the Buick Verano, as I've owned a few 9-5's (2000 + 2004) and a 2013 Verano under $15,000. The Verano is an Opel Astra in Europe and slightly smaller than the 9-5, but without the repair frequency of the Saab.

The Buick Encore is the Opel Mokka in Europe and has a nice height for both driving and getting in and out of. With it's short wheel base it is very easy to park. It will be more refined and luxurious than the Chevy Trax, both of which share the same platform and offer AWD that many sedans do not. Brand new Encore can be had as low as $16,000 as advertised on the Internet for sale websites and is one of the quietest sub-compact cuv's you can buy in the segment.


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Buick Encore
Chevrolet Trax
Buick Verano
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