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Questions with Mercedes-Benz GLK Recommendations

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  21 responses   Comfortable and dependable commuter, weekend excursions on snow/mud/gravel

Looking for a new (used) car when I return from Germany - there are several months to pin down something perfect. Something that is dependable so I can count on it for daily communiting, but something with enough brawn to handle weekend excursions into mud/gravel/snow for some hiking and...
  6 responses   Reliable Diesel SUV with good road manners

I'd like to purchase a vehicle that has good road handling capabilities, AWD and in a pinch offroad. It should be able to go through 6-8 inches of snow in AWD. I'd like to get at a minimum of 22mpg combined wiht the vehicle. I have a 2013 JGC, (Gasser),...
  5 responses   Passenger-seat accommodation for lower back problems in CRV - update

Replacing (excellent) 2006 Buick Rendezvous SUV. Passenger has spinal stenosis, low back pain and sacro-iliac issues. Current Buick SUV key feature is comfortable electric passenger seat with: 6-position controls, seat height exceeds 13" (330mm), good depth of seat exceeds anything that we have seen; also cargo floor level to top...
  3 responses   Economical all-wheel drive hauler with nav, free traffic info, anti-lock brakes, and adaptive cruise control radar, no CVT

I hate CVTs.
I bought a 2014 Subaru Outback knowing that Subaru was going all-CVT in 2015. The built-in nav/audio unit (apparently made by Fujitsu Ten) had so many clear design defects that I sold the car back as a lemon. The Subaru EyeSight system was useful and worked as...
  2 responses   Retirement vehicle

So far I have looked at the MB Gl Bluetec SUV
Looking to trade in your vehicle? Get an estimate of how much it's worth.
  2 responses   AWD, rear leg room, memory seats

I've been looking at a new Jeep Cherokee with the luxury package. I like the feel of a large sun roof and I appreciate the heated memory seats. AWD is a must. I have a 2007 BMW x5 as a back up plan but am scared by the potential out...
  1 response   dreamland

adaptive cruise control
automatic crash prevention
lane departure warning
Blind spot indicator BLISS
  1 response   Fun fuel efficient compact SUV

I'm looking for a new SUV, I have been looking at the Audi Q5 TDI because I prefer Diesel to gas and I need AWD or 4WD. Firstly what is your opinion on the Q5 TDI and secondly are there any other models I could look at that are a...

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