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My husband is 6'2", and I'm 5'4". We have only one car, so finding one we can both be comfortable driving can be a challenge. Our Nissan has some "features" we're not that happy with. The panic button on the remote is very easy to mistakenly set off, just by having the remote in your pocket. It also rolls down both front windows too easily. We'll come out to our car in the morning and discover the windows rolled down sometime in the night and the car's been sitting open for hours because the remote was in someone's pocket.

We like the flexibility of being able to put the back seats down to transport larger items, and we've hauled lots of things in this car. We also like the adjustable front seat, since we both drive it, and wish the passenger seat was just as adjustable as the driver's seat.

So, we like being able to sit up, rather than being in a recumbent position, and we like the flexibility, but there are a few "trim" type things we're not happy with.

Preferred Bodystyle(s): Wagon / Minivan / SUV

Car Needs: Long trips

Primary Driver(s): Tall driver

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 25000

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Response from mkaresh

3:09 pm April 18, 2014

We need a "search by feature" function on the site :)

You didn't mention seat memory, but most likely this is desirable. It sounds like you'd also like height and tilt adjustments on the passenger seat, which you won't often find on Japanese brands.

Some two-row crossovers with memory and tilt/height/lumbar adjustments on both sides:

Buick Encore (small but luxurious, very good mpg, manual recliners, front passenger seat folds for long items)

Cadillac SRX (2012 or newer, older ones aren't reliable, firm suspension)

Lexus RX

Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX (about to be fully redesigned)

Lincoln MKC (new for 2015, more compact)

You didn't mention a price limit. Some European crossovers offer these features, but these tend to be expensive to buy and maintain:

Audi Q5

BMW X3, X5

Mercedes GLK, ML

VW Tiguan,Touareg

Volvo XC60 (a favorite of my wife)

Any impressions of these?


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Buick Encore
Ford Edge
Lexus RX
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