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Looking for a comfortable car that is also fun to drive. I currently drive a 2011 Ford Taurus. Moving to a new job where I will receive a car allownace.

Priorities: Ride smoothness / Powertrain performance / Front seat support & comfort

Need minimum of 4 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 30000
Maximum age: 2 years

Maximum price: US $ 65000

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Response from colin42

7:40 am March 23, 2017

If this was my choice there would be one.

Volvo V90 wagon. An Uber cool large luxury wagon that you have to special order to get (And might I add fly to Sweden recieved!) Volvo typically have the best seats. Prices are alunder $60k

If it must be a sedan the same car is available as the S90. Still cool but not Uber cool.

My 2nd choice would be the Volvo V90 Cross Country. A raised Version of the V90 - you should be able to find this on dealer lots.

If you wanted a SUV check out the Mazda CX-9. It's well under your budget and have the sportier drive than most


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Response from richardaz

11:57 am March 23, 2017

I would suggest you test drive a CERTIFIED 2014 E63 or E63S sedan. Mercedes has a fantastic warrantee for certified cars. AMG's depreciate rapidly and you can find E63's within your price range. As the owner of an E63S station wagon, I can attest that they are very comfortable for long drives and are a ball to drive. The ride is definately "European" and not "billowy" like some other carsbut that I find the car very comfortable in both in-town and on highway trips. The 2014+ models are AWD which also has advantages in winter or wet driving. I get 17-18 mpg in daily in-town driving (and I don't driveit easy)and 21 mpg on the highway (fully loaded).


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Response from mkaresh

5:11 pm March 31, 2017

Both great suggestions. My only concern with the V90, a stunning, comfortable car, is reliability. The related XC90 crossover has been glitchy.

If a repair or two a year isn't a big concern, then the 2016 and up Jaguar XF is also worth a look. Not quite as smooth and refined as competing German luxury cars, but more involving.


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Response from jasonmreece

2:14 am April 11, 2017

Take a look at the 'forgotten' Lexus, the GS350. It's the best looking vehicle in the Lexus lineup (both my personal opinion and a fact), it's wonderful to drive (0-60 in 5.7sec, 306hp V6) and it's a Lexus (bulletproof reliablility). Why they don't sell more of these has always been a mystery to me.

My favorite German car in this size/class is the Audi A6. With the 3.0T (which is supercharged, despite the 'T' designation), it's good for 0-60 in 5.1sec and packs 333hp. The interior is a work of art and the material quality, assembly and fit/finish are second to none! The mechanically identical, but even more beautiful, A7 is also worthy of consideration as a CPO 2015-2016 model. Audi's CPO program provides warranty coverage for 6yrs or 100k miles from the vehicle's original in-service date.


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Response from NormT

1:59 pm July 11, 2017

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