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New or Used Ultra High performance sports car comparable or better than F-Type R

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My 16 Ftype R is a lemon and it's time to move on. I am looking for a vehicle that can do 0-60 under 4 seconds, has excellent looks, fantastic dealer support and is modifiable when I want to put on performance parts (dealer support at that point would be questionable understandably). I would like something that has a good community of owners. Features is not a huge deal, but refinement is a must. A strong on board computer/nav/display is beneficial. Willing to spend up to 120k, willing to go a lot less if the car makes sense and has the performance to back. I have recently been looking at used R8's for example. Not interested in Ferrari used nor Gallardo, but am open to a huracan if anyone has one for my budget! Thanks for your help!

Priorities: Powertrain performance / Exterior styling / Brand reputation & image

Need minimum of 2 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 10000
Maximum age: 3 years

Maximum price: US $ 120000

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Response from benck55

10:44 am April 17, 2017

I can Suggest MB AMG GT or a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S/ 911 GTS since you have the budget for it and good dealership customer service to back it up. Just my 2 cents...



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Response from Dnslater

10:57 am April 17, 2017

My first inclination is to think about what I would buy with this conundrum, and it would probably be a BMW I8, as it is a fascinating high tech car with a fantastic modern look, but it is probably all wrong for you as it is a tad slower than you prefer and I'm assuming not much of an aftermarket. You can however find them used all day for $100k and they truly give an exotic look that will turn heads. Reportedly the electronic gizmos and different driving modes are a blast to use.

A couple of other options:

Audi R8
This is the obvious choice since you already mentioned looking at them and they have a reputation as being an exotic that you can easily enjoy as an everyday driver, while having an incredible exterior and interior design. They still use naturally aspirated engines which sound wonderful, should be easier to maintain than their twin-turbo competition, and lightly used they come in way under your budget - especially in V8 form, which is the better sounding engine. Being an Audi, there should be good aftermarket support. They are a more comfortable car than their Lamborghini brothers.

Mercedes AMG GT S
This is one of the sexiest Mercedes designs since the 55 300SL. It is a true hot rod Mercedes with 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and a top speed just shy of 192. It is a big car, but still weigns a few hundered pound less than your F-Type R. It is reportedly a blast to drive and far less common than a 911 or Jaguar coupe. Being German, there is of course a high tech aftermarket from companies like Weistec Engineering and Renntech that have packages to get more HP out of the car.

If you want to go slightly more traditional, there is also the C63 AMG S Coupe which gives you a bit more luxury and a bit less sport.

BMW Alpina B6 Gran Coupe
I'm assuming an M4 or M6 is probably too mundane given you requirements, but if you are looking for something truly special, and yet under the radar, the Alpina B6 would be a terrific rare car to consider. It has the same 540 HP TT V-8 from the M6 and adds a few subtle performance upgrades and removes the governer the M6 has. The AWD system is very high tech and the interior is upgraded to be a very special place.


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Mercedes-Benz AMG GT
BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe
Audi R8

Response from ccd

12:53 pm April 17, 2017

I don't have your budget, but here are the options which would apply to you:

1) Last generation Audi R8 V10 with a manual. Great car by all accounts and a likely classic with the gated shifter. Lots of aftermarket support. Downsides is that the car is relatively heavy and has limited storage space. The last years of the last generation (MY2012 and later) finally got a dual clutch transmission

2) Last generation Audi R8 V8. You would save money with the V8 and spend your savings on turbo-charging the car. The shop I used twin turbo-charged a V8 to around 700 hp

3) Vette. Your budget would get you a Corvette Grand Sport or Z06. The Vette is the sports car bargain in the USA

4) 997 or 991.1 Porsche GT3. Always a safe choice and resale value is high. The new GTS would also be in the upper range of your budget

5) Porsche GT4 It's the Cayman to have if you can find one

6) Lotus Evora 410. Just announced for the USA and would get you the 0-60 times you want. Also Komotec will gladly raise the horsepower to 460. You won't see many of these on the road. Worldwide production is limited to 150!

7) Mercedes GT S. A lightly used example would be within your budget.

Among these options, I'd tend to favor the Porsches, Lotus or the Vette. All these cars are relatively light compared to the GT S or the R8.

Happy hunting!


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Response from NormT

2:17 pm April 19, 2017

Have you owned a Corvette yet? Every North American needs to own one in their life. You'll only visit the dealership for free oil changes and there are catalogs worth of performance parts


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Chevrolet Corvette

Response from Canadaice99

5:30 pm April 19, 2017

WOW, thank you all for the incredibly thoughtful, intelligent and helpful responses.

My initial thoughts are as such.

1) While i can appreciate the raw muscle and power of the vette, and I certainly am one to randomly scream "AMERICA!!!!!" when i stomp on the gas, i just simply do not like the driveline nor the handeling of the vette. Pure personal preference. My father semi-professionally races them and kills it doing so, but I cannot get into it for some reason.

2) AMG GT S and Audi R8 V8 or V10 are probably top choices. I would want to modify the cars once purchased, and I like the one idea the gentleman had about TT'ing a V8. Wonder what doing the same to a v10 with a few miles and years on it looks like.

3. Thanks again to the whole community, great responses!


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Response from mkaresh

8:04 pm April 19, 2017

I love seeing such thorough, helpful responses. We created this section for members to help other members, and cases like this make the effort worthwhile.


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Response from ccd

8:30 am April 20, 2017


I wouldn't be so focused on horsepower unless you intend to track your car. I own at TT RS which is a 3300 pound car and have a Stage 1 upgrade which raises horsepower to around 400 and torque a little less than 400 lb ft. During the holidays, I got to ride shotgun in a TT RS with a turbo kit upgrade which raised power to around 500 and torque to around 500 lb/ft. The increase in power was noticeable, but not dramatic. I was far more impressed with the improved handling from the haldex controller and afermarket suspension.

Both the R8 and GT S are high power cars. You may find that adding power to such powerful cars to begin with disappointing. Also, keep in mind that the R8 is a naturally aspirated car and turbo charging NA cars is usually VERY expensive. I've seen turbo kits for Porsche 911s running $15-$20K.

I'd focus more on weight than horsepower. The R8 V8 is a 3600 lb car, the V10 version (unless it is the Plus) is a 3700 lb car. I have not checked the curb weight on the GT S, but I sure that car is no lightweight. The 911s are 3200 lb cars give or take and the Lotus 410 is under 3100 lbs which is where the Cayman is as well. I find a lighter car to be more responsive, more playful, and just more fun to drive at legal speeds. Heavier cars for me at least, have to be pushed to get any driving satisfaction from them. I test drove a Jag XKR before getting my car. That is a 4000 lb car with 550 hp. It's a quick car, but you could feel the weight of that car at acceleration and around every turn. I'd encourage you to test drive a Porsche 991 Gen 991.2 S or GTS. With PDK, that is a 3250 lb car with the mid-range torque that NA 911s have lacked and contrast the responsiveness and handling with your F Type.

People tend to treat sports cars differently from other cars in that they tend to focus on the performance numbers (0-60 times, hp, etc). What really matters is how well the car meets what YOU value in a car and how well it fits into YOUR life. For example, I've looked at the R8, but I value the characteristics of lighter cars. Secondly, I play golf and I want a place for my bag and enough storage space for weekend getaways with the wife. The R8 lacks that space so for me, no metter how great a car it may be, it does not fit into my life.

No matter which car you choose from the suggestions posted here, you will end up with a very fast car. I'd take a hard look at your F-Type and decide, based on the car you own, what deficiencies the car has that you want you next car to address. I doubt power will be one of those deficiencies.

Best of luck


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Response from ccd

3:11 pm April 20, 2017

One more consideration. You are very unlikely to recover the cost of mods upon resale. In fact mods can devalue your vehicle. If you spend the money to turbo-charge a NA Audi R8, don't expect to get your money back should you decide to sell it.


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Response from NormT

11:52 am July 11, 2017

bring on the crazy Camaro's that out turn moat BMW's. From full on radio-delete Z28 track work horse to blazingly fast 1LE, there are plenty of choices and are priced right.


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Chevrolet Camaro
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