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Reliable AWD car or crossover

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Looking for opinions on the most reliable AWD car available. Font mind going back to 2007. Price max is around $11000. Interested in either mid-full size car or crossover .

So far I've come up with the CR-V and RAV4. Thoughts on Subaru legacy, Passat, or forester?

Priorities: Reliability & durability / Depreciation

Need minimum of 5 seats

Will consider both new and used cars
Maximum mileage: 99000
Maximum age: 10 years

Maximum price: US $ 11000

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Response from pw

5:13 pm March 30, 2017

Only one car brand comes to mind, Subaru. Good reliabillity, well built, and in your price range.


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Response from mkaresh

5:15 pm March 31, 2017

Sadly, not true on Subaru. Through at least the 2009 model year they commonly require head gasket replacements. And the latest engine, introduced in the 2011 Forester followed by the 2012 Impreza and 2013 Legacy / Outback, often consumes an excessive amount of oil (probably because they reduced the tension in the rings to reduce friction and improve fuel economy).

You'll see Subaru ranked highly elsewhere, but this is because the ranking elsewhere looks only at the first 2.5 years of ownership, not long enough.

The best in terms of long-term reliability is probably the CR-V followed by the RAV4.


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Response from LectroFuel

1:01 am April 5, 2017

Honda has fallen a lot in reliability in recent years. The RAV4 is more reliable than the CR-V and every other car mentioned. In my opinion, the RAV4 is a little more practical, rugged, spacious, and usable. The CR-V is very similar, but less spacious.

2007 is when they redesigned the CR-V for the 3rd gen, which is what I would go for. I don't like the 3rd gen RAV4 as much, but it's available with a V6 that makes it a rocket. The CR-V is a little more comfortable.


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Response from Riick

3:15 pm April 14, 2017

Think about a Toyota Hylander - Hybrid. (c.2006 or later)
A friend and his son both have this car, son has 190,000 on odometer, the father sold his at 245,000 miles, and bought *another* 2006 Highlander Hybrid with (only) 95,000 miles. Fuel economy is about 25mpg whether you're doing stop-n-go driving, or rolling at 70 on the Interstate.


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Toyota Highlander

Response from NormT

1:13 pm July 11, 2017

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